Mary Gries, Oregon Licensed Broker                                                                            MM


Mary Gries comes from a background of customer service.  From 1981 to 1986 she worked at “Henry’s Garage”, a restaurant at the Santiam golf course. This is is where she first met Brenda Bonebrake.  They worked together for several years and became close friends.  When the restaurant closed, they each took different directions, Brenda got her real estate license and Mary went to work part time at the local clothing store, Jensen Kreitzer, for about 4 years.  By this time her children were all in school and she began working at a computer software company full time, she worked there for four years as an office manager and then three years as a training coordinator.  In 1998 she changed careers and went to work in the securities industry for Edward Jones.  She worked there almost seven years.  Through all these years, Brenda and Mary stayed close friends, even though their busy lives only ‘allowed’ them to visit a few times a year.  So,  when Brenda approached Mary and asked her if she would be interested in joining her team at Prudential Real Estate Professionals she didn’t have to think about it too long before she jumped at the chance.  It would be wonderful to work in Stayton again, to work with Brenda and her awesome team, not to mention the chance to do one of her favorite things, work with people!  She took training courses, became a licensed broker and joined the team in July of 2005.  Mary loves working with the team and especially enjoys meeting new clients and helping them to find their new home.


Mary has been married to Jim for over forty years.  They have three grown children, Craig, Jaime and Marcus.  Her first grandchild, Emmy Jane was born in May of 2007 and lives in North Carolina with her parents Marcus and Jessica.  A recent addition is a little sister Elin.  Mary's other granddaughter's Sarah and Abi live in Florida with Jaime and Dave.  Craig and Brooke round out the family with Palmer, the latest granddaughter.  Mary looks for any excuse to travel back East for little grandma time and is ecstatic Palmer lives close enough she can watch her a couple times a week.  


Mary enjoys photography, reading and hiking.  Her favorite pastime though is to spend time and share a laugh with her family and friends.