Kim has been snapping photos of our listings for about a year and we are thrilled with her attitude, timeliness and the finished product.  She is open to new ideas and provides us with quick and professional service.  We hope you enjoy her images of Oregon and her hiking adventures as much as we do.


Kim Nelmark
Kimberly Nelmark Photography

PO Box 760 Lyons, OR 97358

(503) 507-3882

I am a wife and mother whose passion has blossomed into a career. I first discovered my passion as an eight-year-old who stole her mom’s camera and captured a picture of our pickup’s rusty license plate. It wasn’t particularly well-composed or even completely in focus, but Mom’s camera vanished regularly from then on, and rolls of film mysteriously accumulated in our fridge. Much to my parent’s relief, I finally got my own camera, but I still have the picture that started it all and the spirit of the eight-year-old who fell in love with photography! 

While my first love was photography, backpacking was my second. Many of my wildlife and landscape photos were taken while backpacking with my husband and son. 

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