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How To Handle The Biggest Real Estate Deal Killers (Well-Intentioned Parents)




Your parents want the best for you. And buying a home is one of the major investments you will make in your lifetime. So, of course, your folks want to be by your side and offer you the benefit of their wisdom and counsel. Unfortunately, a lot of their best advice can be misguided, and can cause your good home choice to slip away.

Most parents will want to see you get your home for the least amount of money and may even advise you to make a low offer. That may be what they did when they last bought a house. It will not work in a seller’s market, and may not even work in a buyer’s market. Make your offer based on the comparable neighborhood sales, the condition, and your Realtor’s advice. If you are getting a loan, remember that the price you pay is amortized over 30 years as well.

Mom and Dad may advise different “deal points” than are standard in your locality. Recall that each state and area have different customs, disclosures and laws. What may be common in M&D’s area may not be common in your area and can kill your transaction (example: lengthening time periods for buyer performance). Again, let your Realtor be your guide – he or she has written many, many offers and knows the issues and expectations of all involved.

Parents may attempt to talk you out of an area or particular house. They may have good reasons and insights for doing so. But keep in mind that the average length of home ownership is five to seven years. If this specific home is workable for you, your family and your budget now, trust your gut instincts.

Your parents may have very specific ideas about the condition of the house and may be somewhat alarmist about certain items. Fathers, especially, are notorious for inspection freak-outs. Dad and Mom may have really good advice here (especially if they are builders or contractors). Or they may not. Keep in mind, once again, that different areas have different building types, different weather patterns, and different housing components than others. Not only can almost everything be repaired, but repair and upgrade costs may be significantly different from one area to another as well. It will be wise for you to research this on your own, and to take the advice of your physical inspector and your Realtor first.

Notice a common denominator here? Yup, it is “ask your Realtor first.” If you and your Realtor are proactive about the issues outlined here, your parents’ feelings will not be hurt, there will be peace in your family, and you will have a much more successful transaction.

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The Mortgage Process


The Mortgage Process

Lawn Care Tips for Summer


Living in the Eastern Willamette Valley, we see lots of grass grown  on the valley floor as well as the rolling foothills of the beautiful Cascade Mountains.  Have you considered the different types of grasses available for your lawn?  Did you know that some varieties do better in cooler and part shade conditions and some do better in warmer and full sun location? 

Some of the grasses that like milder temperatures include Bentgrass, Bluegrass, Perennial Rye Grass, Fine Fescue and Tall Fescue.  Warm season grasses include Bahia, Centipede, Bermuda and St. Augustine. 

Whichever grass you choose, proper lawn care is vital for your lawn's existence.  Water and feeding can make a dull yard an emerald paradise.

Bonebrake and Company Tuesday Tour


Greetings, we are starting a new Bonebrake and Company Tradition. Our new listings will post on our Tuesday tour!  Like what you see.  Call, text or email anytime and we will make arrangements to get you into see our new listings. 


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Overcoming The Common Challenges of Buying Your First Home


As a First Time Homebuyer, you may not know where to start in the purchasing process.  As Oregon Real Estate Brokers, we do this everyday and our job is to make it a seemless project for you.  From finding a lender and home inspector to working with your escrow and title officers to make sure your paperwork is completed correctly and in a timely manner, we are here for you. 

Above all, please ask questions!  We want to be sure you understand the process so you can make an informed decision on your real estate purchase. 

This article from HGTV Front Door includes some great tips for you.  Common Buyer Mistakes

How To Update Your Tub to a Shower


Many folks get tired of stepping over the tub to take a shower.  Have you stubbed your toe on the shower, stepping in?  It's seriously painful!  Here are some great tips and conversion ideas from Houzz.com.  One of our favorite websites.  Houzz.com Tub to Shower Conversion

Home Theaters: Great For The Family, Desired by Home Shoppers


Home Theaters: Great for the Family, Desired by Home Shoppers



    One of the most in-demand requests that real estate agents are getting from those looking for new homes concerns home theaters, or at least the space to add such a multi-media room.

    With home-theater technology evolving and prices lowering over the last decade, the concept has evolved from luxury to near necessity for many households. Its the place where the family comes together to be entertained, and is the most occupied room in the house after the kitchen and family room. Its become the focal point for entertaining and showcasing expansive, crystal clear flatscreens and impressive components. Its why many homebuyers are looking for houses with home-theater spaces or extra rooms to create one.

    Real estate experts agree that home theatres add value to a home. According to the Home Builders Association, most new homes with a $250,000-plus price come with a home theater or media room.

    Home theater is a way for the homeowner to bring all these cool new pieces of technology together and fit them seamlessly into their lifestyle, said David Start, vice president of Sacramento, Calif.-based theater-furniture manufacturer California House. You have Apple, Netflix and now Amazonall these big tech companies with really fantastic products. Home theater allows you to integrate these products into the way you live.

    There are several ways one can make the home theatre room more appealing prior to showing a home.

    Start by cleaning all surfaces, keeping wiring as discrete as possible and storing electronics that may look sloppy due to wires or size. Also, although having lots of seating space is practical in a media room, it may be a good thing to reduce the number of sofas to give a spacious look to the room.

     I think a media room does add value, however, it is truly a personal preference based upon what the buyer wants and/or is looking for in a home, said Teresa Cwik of Showcase Staging Houston, Houston, Texas. I have seen a lot of these rooms staged and in my professional opinion I believe the room should be staged with appropriate media room furniture, such as theater seating.

    There are a number of smart furniture choices to make the room look better and create the movie environment that so many desire.    

    Customers are looking for furniture that will present their TV in style while concealing many of the other componentsDVDs, gaming consoles, speakersneatly out of sight, explained David Adams, marketing director for home-theater furniture manufacturer BDI of Chantilly, Va. Unique features that are integrated into better home theater furniture include hidden wheels, flow-through ventilation, adjustable shelves, built-in media or speaker storage, and integrated cable management systems.

    Indeed, were in the golden age of gadgets and components. Rooms focused on technology can be just as appealing to todays home buyer as a large bathroom or walk-in closet.

It is important to note, home theaters are not as prevalent in our area as it is in other parts of the country.  Do not make the mistake of adding a media room to a 1500 sf, 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch home, unless it can double for another use. However, media rooms have a place and a market in upper-end homes.

An Evening Of Wine Tasting

An Evening Of Wine Tasting- Stayton Area Rotary  See Mary Gries at 503-881-4976.  See you there!
Wine Tasting 2013

Positive Signs for Single-Family Housing


Positive Signs for Single-Family Housing


By Brenda Bonebrake


Single-family home sales will continue strengthening, according to latest report from the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

The Real Estate Consensus Forecast, ULIs semi-annual survey of the nations leading real estate economists and analysts, examined 26 economic and real estate indicators in the third quarter. The report predicted healthy estimates for single-family housing as compared to ULIs March report.

The predictions diverge from the previous forecast [from March] in that it is more optimistic regarding the single-family housing sector, said ULI Executive Director Dean Schwanke.

According to the report, single-family housing starts are projected to increase by 145,000 units in 2013, while home prices are expected to rise 3.9%. Meanwhile, single-family home starts, which have been near record lows, are projected to increase from 530,000 in 2012 to 800,000 in 2014. All of these numbers show improvement from ULIs March forecast.

Finally, the single-family housing sector is experiencing a turnaround that is expected to continue, said Schwanke. The ULI Consensus Forecast from March projected a stabilizing housing market, and the most recent numbers have been strong, leading forecasters to be even more optimistic going forward.

 The Bonebrake Team can be reached at 503-385-0033. Prudential Real Estate Professionals  is an independently owned and operated broker member of BRER Affiliates LLC. Prudential, the Prudential logo and the Rock symbol are registered service marks of Prudential Financial, Inc. and its related entities, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Used under license with no other affiliation with Prudential. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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