Smart Home Products

Smart Home products are all over the news and since the inception of the Smart Phone is the obvious next step, for the most part, simplify our lives.  Curious about a certain smart home product?  Click on the icon to learn about each product and how it can help.  

Smart Air Quality   Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Air quality sensors can measure potentially dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide and dioxide, airborne substances such as particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as temperature and humidity. Sensors like these are a great way to understand the impact of the indoor environment on one’s overall health. Having a sense of what your indoor air quality is can help you take action and resolve issues before they become too serious.

Smart Door Bell     Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells provide an easy way to see who is at your door.  By hooking up your doorbell to your smartphone, easily finding our who is at your door gives you peace of mind and adds a new level of security and convenience. 

Smart Hub    Smart Hubs

Once you’ve started putting together your smart home, you’ll notice that having everything spread around different apps can get confusing; using a smart hub can help you streamline your experience. These hubs can control a variety of devices using various protocols, and reduce the “clutter” created by using multiple manufacturers and products.

Smart Leak Detector    Smart Leak Detection

Smart leak detectors are useful for anyone worried about water damage and other leaks. Most work with standard smart home protocols (like wifi) and feature not only audible alarms when there it detects water but also alerts directly to your phone. 

Smart Light Bulbs     Smart Lights

Smart lights pack a cool factor due to their millions of colors, but they are also powerful workhorses that can improve a user’s quality of life in the home or workplace.

Smart Light Switches  Smart Light Switches

Smart light switches replace regular light switches in a home or office. Smart switches offer the convenience of a regular switch – you can toggle lights on and off as you normally would – but their ability to connect to WiFi allows them to perform automated tasks, and to be controlled from afar.

Smart Locks     Smart Locks

Smart locks augment existing deadbolt systems through wireless protocols, like Bluetooth, in order to allow your smartphone to become a "key" into your home.  Using your phone, you can unlock your door instead of fumbling for your "keys" to the visitor, and check the status of your lock when you're not at home.  

Smart Smoke Detector      Smart Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke detectors do more than just beep when there's fire.  All can alert you to smoke, fire and carbon monoxide situations remotely over an app, keeping you aware whether you are home or away.

Smart Voice Assistants     Smart Voice Assistants

Voice assistants can be the center of your smart home.  Control smart devices, play music and get up-to-the-minute information using just your voice.  These devices can be standalone smart speakers or be included as part of the operating system of a phone or tablet.  
Smart Security Cameras      Smart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras provide the ability to keep an eye on things in and around your home.  These motion-activated cameras can let you know when your loved ones come home or when someone's somewhere they shouldn't be.  

Smart Thermostat      Smart Thermostats

Nearly half of the energy costs for a home come from heating and cooling.  Thermostats that are 'smart' or connected, have a lot of advantages over the traditional thermostats.  Their ability to learn and the user's ability to control them more precisely can really help you use less energy and save more money.